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How can I communicate effectively as an artist?

Within my life I've used many forms of communication, verbal, visual and written. This time I decided to try out a blog and post some ways I'm comfortable communicating and which areas I need to work on to effectively communicate.

One of the main reasons why I choose to communicate online is it's easy for me and I've learned to work this way efficiently, not only for my business but also to communicate with friends and keep up with relations. I've grown up with tech and it's one of the comfortable ways I've communicated, a couple other ways I enjoy communicating is by writing letters or cards and socializing in person verbally.


Although I enjoy socializing with friends, I'm not the best at verbal communication when meeting new people. I can be awkward and find it difficult to stick to one conversation while there's multiple happening in the background and sometimes, I mention activism and political subjects which isn't the best to do when meeting new people. Strong opinions and disagreements tend to happen, or it gets awkward and silent. This also happens through online communication so with online coms I'm comfortable socializing with friends, yet there are things I need to work on when it comes to my business and self-promotion as an artist. Scheduling posts and being organized is one of the challenges for me to keep up with self-promo for my art business.

I realize that I struggle replying to emails and it can be difficult to meet deadlines and remember scheduled meetings. One of the ways I'm working through it is by setting alarms to remind me of different deadlines and scheduled meetings, so I'm more organized and able to complete tasks. I enthuse myself when communicating with clients and while I work on their projects, just another way I won't lose interest in what I'm working on. While I realize that I can lose interest in projects I'm working on pacing myself and not taking too many projects on that coincide with each other, I can only do so much as one person and numerous projects can be draining for one's mental capacity and health. Practicing scheduling, setting alarms, not overburdening with projects, and pacing myself are things I will continue working on for effective communication.